1st Tipton St John Scout Troop news

Tipton Scout Group are in the process of fundraising in order to get electricity and water to their HQ, the plot in Harpford Lane.

For one of the fundraising projects, Tipton Scout Group has
signed up to the
"Good Deal for Devon" magazine. For each
magazine sold, half the money goes to Tipton Scout Group. The magazine is a high
-quality magazine with lots of interesting articles and some offers that can be used around the county to get money off days out, such as Crealy, Quince Honey Farm and Exeter Racecourse, meals at cafes and restaurants, products and services for your home, even college courses and gym memberships.

The magazine costs £8, but if you use just one of the offers, you cover the cost and more. The offers are valid until at least the end of June, so there's plenty of time to enjoy them - and the publication itself is a good read. It also contains details about the Pride of Devon awards, such as Community Contribution and Volunteer of the Year. You might know someone you could enter!

We do hope you will consider buying a copy of Good Deal for Devon and by doing so, helping us with our plans.

If you would like to purchase a magazine, please email: Tiptonstjohnscoutgroup@gmail.com. Also copies will be on sale Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8pm at the Community Hall, Tipton.

Alison, Group Scout Leader for 1st Tipton St. John Scout Group

10 Pin Bowling

In December, Scouts went ten pin bowling in Exeter. We split into four groups and each group had a lane to use. After we had played one game, we started another one. Half- way through the session we got a choice of a burger, cheeseburger or a veggie burger. The food boosted our energy and got us ready for a second match.

Most of the teams decided to have the guiding sides up so they could have a better

chance of getting a good score. My team decided to have them down and as a result I got a very low score. Some people like Noah and Koray managed to get scores of over 120, both managing to get strikes. We all had a really good time and would love to do it again.

The Tipton Beaver group have
started back after their Christmas
break. This term we look forward to our annual Pinewood Derby in which the Beavers design and make their own small wooden cars from

a basic kit including wheels and an oblong of wood. After much effort; creating, sawing, sanding, decorating and fine tuning their cars we will have our race night with prizes for the fastest, best decorated and most unusual car amongst others.

This always proves to be a popular activity and the Leaders are always super-impressed with the creativity and skills displayed.

By Matthew Thomas, Scout

Last term we enjoyed various activitiies including a particularly energetic evening learning about health and fitness. We were lucky to be joined by Paula Ferris who kindly lead a fitness session in which the Beavers ran, hopped and slalomed up and down the village hall. A final thank you to all those who supported our 'reverse advent calendar' collection for the Sidmouth foodbank.

Andy Wiltshire Beaver Scout Leader

At Cubs we have been making eco-bricks. You make them by stuffing waste packaging into plastic drinks bottles. They are good for the environment because you trap the rubbish inside so it can't go in the sea. When we have made lots we will build them into something cool. I really enjoy Cubs because we do very exciting activities which test my energy, brain and skill.

By Elsie Wiltshire, Cub Scout Sixer

Support Tipton scout group by purchasing the "Good Deal for Devon" magazine via email: Tiptonstjohnscoutgroup@gmail.com.
Or at the Community Hall Tuesday evenings, 6:30