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Tipton Times is the village magazine produced bi-monthly and started in 1969.  It is created, published and distributed by volunteers, delivered to villagers in and around Tipton, and posted to interested subscribers by its supporters.

We welcome contributions,photographs,letters and articles relating to village life and which will interest Tipton residents. We prefer submissions via email to the address below, but typed copy is also welcome.



First of all, many congratulations to all those whose tremendous efforts made last weekend's 'Women Can' marathon such a great success. It is so heartening to see the way in which our small local community contributed so powerfully and willingly to Jo Earlam's vision to hold such an occasion in its midst. You will be able to read more elsewhere in this edition!
There is much more to come this summer, of course: the Playing Field Fiftieth Anniversary on the weekend of the 7th - 9th July has a variety of activities and events which should appeal to all ages and interests. I wonder how many of you are getting ready to take part in the produce and art/photography shows? Why not have a go? Entry forms are inside and more details of the anniversary celebrations are overleaf on Page 5.
You will have seen from the last edition that this summer will also see the Tenth Anniversary of the Otter Rail and River Run. Fittingly, this will form part of the Playing Field celebrations, taking place on 8th July.
As fellow local editors, it's good to see that so-useful magazine, the Ottery Gazette, has re-emerged following its demise after the sad death of John Gaffney in September 2015. It is now based at The Curious Otter under the hand of Director Adrian Lea. Tipton Times, proudly part of the local news community, gives a cheer! Warren Buffet, American billionaire and philanthropist, on investing a large part of his fortune in local newspapers said: "In towns and cities where there is a strong sense of community, there is no more important institution than the local paper". We hope this will inspire you to send in your contributions for our support - see our Treasurer, Tony Pugh's appeal below.
We very much hope you enjoy this edition. For those exhausted by the very thought of marathons, 10K runs, tennis, cricket and gardening, there are more sedentary pursuits available in the form of  great recommendations from Tipton Readers and in the welcome reappearance of the crossword, thanks to the return from holiday of our tame cruciverbalist, MiMic. 

Dear Reader,
It is that time of the year to put out the begging bowl and I ask for your support for the upkeep and continuance of our local village newspaper.
We seem to be down on our uppers, as they say!  Our  income was way down last year and we have just been clobbered for an unexpected maintenance charge on our main printer of nearly £300.
We would not only like financial help but assistance in laying out and production, and to spread the load of distribution. There is a solid core of volunteers who have been doing Tipton Times for a long time and it is always good to have some fresh blood to ensure continuity. Tipton Times use Microsoft Publisher 2016 and we would offer on the job training.
So I would ask that you make a contribution using the donation envelopes and hand or post to Alita at the Village Store or directly to me at Harpford Bank.
Alternatively you might like to make a standing order to the Tipton Times.  Lloyds Bank 30-94-36  A/C 01720384.
Thank you.                                                             Tony Pugh, Treasurer

A gentle reminder to our postal recipients that  postage stamps alone for six issues per addressee now cost Tipton Times £7.32



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Archive of previous editions is kept at the West Country Studies Library, Exeter Central Library, Castle Street Exeter.