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Tipton Times is the village magazine produced bi-monthly and started in 1969.  It is created, published and distributed by volunteers, delivered to villagers in and around Tipton, and posted to interested subscribers by its supporters.

We welcome contributions,photographs,letters and articles relating to village life and which will interest Tipton residents. We prefer submissions via email to the address below, but typed copy is also welcome.




Welcome to the first Tipton Times of 2018 and many thanks to all those who have contributed pieces which, as always, reflect the wide range of activity and interests that characterise our community.

Apart from the regular Tipton-focused articles it is always good to receive contributions from readers which describe different times and places. Hazel Gifford's memories of being evacuated as a child is a good example: it is important that space is found to record our memories before they are lost and we are pleased that Tipton Times can contribute to that in some small way.

Our core purpose, of course, is to record what is happening in our village now and there should be plenty to interest regular readers. From gardening and baking advice through reports of village events to important diary dates, I hope we have all local interest covered. I for one will be taking Wendy Pounce's tomato recommendations for this year since, like her, my Gardeners Delight were a disappointment last summer.

In our increasingly digital age it is easy to connect with one another in so many different ways, so I was interested to hear from Stephanie Smith of a new Tipton St John Community Facebook page. There are, of course, Facebook pages for our village football, cricket and tennis clubs and for TIPPS and the Women Can marathon. For more general village interest, you can also find pages for the Playing Field, Community Hall, Primary School PFA and the Tipton St John Memories page. The Tipton Times links to the village website and Twitter are on the page opposite. Tipton Ladies Group are also on Twitter: @TiptonLadies.

If anyone has other village-related links to share (that are non-commercial) please let us know and we will be happy to include them in the next edition.

We had several compliments about your photos which we printed in the last issue and it was very useful to be able to place all submissions in our library: please do keep them coming!

An appropriate time, too, at the beginning of 2018, to say Thank You to those who helped make Tipton such a neat, tidy and attractive village over last year. It's not unusual to have visitors and passers-by compliment us and of course it makes the village such an attractive place to live in.

The Editors

Our Thanks to those who keep our Village looking so good

(Those below, and of course sincere apologies to any we have missed!)

Planning, Sourcing Flowers, Planting Out, Pleading for Volunteers and Organising Rotas etc etc

Residents' Association Delegate, Wendy Pounce

Waterers - Bridge and Clock Flowers
Becky Austin; Anne and Graham Bareford; Pat Cox; Jenny and Roly Curtis; Jerry and Angie Dewhurst; Kyle Hayes;

Gill and Allen Marks; Anne Matthews; Mo Mylne; Barbara and Tony Pugh; Penny Roberts; Alison and David Stevens: Shirley Turville

Erectors, transporters, fixers of the Bridge and Clock Baskets
Mike Anderson; John Belton; Allen Marks; Tony Pugh

Not forgetting the Garage for the use of their water - we'd be sunk without that!

Himalayan Balsam Pullers Team

John Harding; John Belton; Gabrielle Kirby; Helen Mylne; Ted Swann; Stephen Young

The Grass verges on either side of the bridge

Mick Parkyn

Garden Bed at Playing Fields Car Park

David Birch; Wendy Pounce

The Village Centre
Flower beds: Vera Arnold; Patricia and William Davey; Mark Rigden; Kathy and Chris Tubbs

Grass areas: Franky Teissier (also the handsome hanging baskets on the pub)

Jolly window boxes outside the Village Stores from Alita ... And from residents along the cottages too

Village Hall and Car Park

Led by John Belton, the Committee keep the area in good fettle, which also involves scraping and shovelling the mud after floods! And Paul Carter for cleaning out the ditches

The Daffodils along Village verges

The bulbs, bought with grants from Ottery Town Council, have been planted round the village by members of the Residents' Association

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