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The new play area was completed and back in action by Christmas, as we
hoped, despite atrocious weather conditions. The feedback we
ve had so far
has been very pleasing and the new equipment seems to be very well used
at the moment. We invited children from the primary school to a formal
opening on the 13
th January, in recognition of their contribution a year ago
to our planning process. The pictures are featured on the front cover, with more about the new equipment on Page 4.

There will be a formal celebration event in the spring, so do look out for information about that. As is always the way with grant-funded projects, we will be carrying out an evaluation of the impact of the new area over the next few months. There will be some making good to do – the replacement of a border that wasremoved and some re-seeding when the weather improves. There will also be a new sign which acknowledges the tremendous support weve received in order to make the new play area a reality.

A place to sit and while away the time

In the last edition, I meant to write about the significant upgrades to several of our benches, thanks to the fine work of the Ottery Mens Shed, under the guidance

of Tony Pugh. A number have recently been restored, including one completely wrecked by the outbreak of vandalism last summer. We know how much people appreciate the opportunity to sit in the field and enjoy the surroundings with which weve been entrusted.

Its a pleasure too, to be able, to contribute to peoples memories of loved ones, through the memorial benches of which there are now several throughout the field. The use of recyclable materials and the policy of placing all benches on concrete bases should enable them to last much longer.

Although the field is used less during the winter, its

good to see activity continuing, especially with tennis and football, and the many people who come to the field with their dogs. We are very appreciative of the

fact that the vast majority of these respect the field and use the dog bins. Id just like to remind anyone walking with more than two dogs to keep them on leads.

Weve been hearing about a new addition to our range of summer activities: Rounders by the River’. There will be more details about this in the next edition but you can find out more in the meantime via Facebook:

David Birch 01404 815402


Chairman: David Birch

Vice Chairman: Judith Taylor
Treasurer: Brian Sanford
Secretary: Mo Mylne
Committee (elected members): Joyce Marles, John Belton, Roger Hunt, Patrick Walker, Jo Earlam
As Chairman, I'd like to extend my thanks to all those who have worked hard over the last year to
ensure that the Playing Field is kept in the very best condition.

 01404 815402

Thanks as always for reading!  

We are always looking for new members on the committee and especially younger people to get involved. If you are interested please get in touch with our chairman


The eight acre riverside meadow that is now Tipton St John Playing Field was sold in November 1966 by local farmer Richard Eggins, of Tipton Barton. With no recreational land in the village a group of local people initially put up the £1,700 required, and in the ensuing months a team of fundraisers collected the money to buy the land for the village. It was duly handed over to the newly formed Tipton St John Playing Field Association on 16th May, 1967.


The early years saw a huge amount of effort as the land was first levelled and made suitable for football and cricket and the pavilion was built. Then work led to the car park and the children's play area being installed, first one tennis court and then another, and an upgrading of the children's play equipment. More recently efforts have been directed at trying to combat the river bank erosion.


The field has been subject to severe flooding and damage to facilities over the years. However, local people, the sports clubs, and the association committee have always been resilient in carrying out repairs and restoration. After the severe storm of October 2008 when flood water reached more than three feet in the pavilion, the interior had to be entirely replastered and both tennis courts had to be totally rebuilt. It was thanks to the Rotary Club of Otter Valley, which was instrumental in providing grant aid, that the rebuild was possible.


The field is always busy, being used by the village cricket and tennis clubs, West Hill Wasps FC, the primary school, and from a wide surrounding area by dog walkers and families for picnics and games.


Over the years a huge number of people have served on the committee, and many more have given time and resources to provide practical or financial help. Horse shows, dog shows, summer fairs, car boot sales and runs have been held for enjoyment and fundraising. Indeed, the playing field would not be here if it wasn't for the continued generosity of local residents and supporters.


he field and children's play area is maintained entirely by   donations, mainly through an annual door to door collection, money put in the car park donation box, and other fundraising organised by the association and supporters.


The facilities are available for hire, the cost being: £10 for meetings in the pavilion; £30 for functions in the pavilion; £50 for use of the field for a function.


To make a booking please contact secretary Zina Fear on 01404 813996.


For other queries please contact either treasurer Bruce Marshall on 01404 815295 or chairman Jo Earlam on 01404 813933 or email


Please respect our playing field and facilities, and do enjoy them!